• REMOTE REIKI / With intention, I connect energetically with YOU and allow Source love energy to flow directly to YOU to nourish, empower and support what your body, mind and spirit needs for your own personal healing.
  • SPIRIT BABIES / I will intuitively connect with your Spirit Baby energy and convey any information they may want to share with you. I can also teach you how to connect with your Spirit Baby energy to begin a more conscious bond with him or her before conception and while in the womb before the birth experience.
    • REMOTE REIKI during your IUI appointment or any and all of your IVF processes.
  • SENSITIVE CHILDREN / Conversation with parents who may have a sensitive child that experiences unexplainable, ghostly, scary events. We discuss what the child has shared with the parent about their experience. We can then make a determination how the energy can be cleared and the best tools for parent and child to use for prevention of future occurrences.

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